Password / Passphrase / Computrace Removal

image     image     Do these look familiar to you? Are you being locked out?

Have a look first at what Lenovo has to say about their ways of Password Removal (click link).

Still no luck?
Don't despair! Even if IBM and Lenovo say that such a password cannot be removed,
and that the only solution is to replace the (expensive) motherboard,
I have proven them wrong numerous times!

Should your laptop also be 'protected' by Computrace, I can remove that Phone-Home-Pest as well!

Check the Computrace settings in your BIOS.
If it shows either Enabled or Disabled, and also Not Activated, set it to Permanently Disabled. Done!
But if it shows Enabled and Activated, you are screwed and Computrace will have to be deactivated.
You can read up on the Thinkpads Forum (click link) what to do in many cases.
But if you still have problems, read on!

I have the equipment AND the knowledge to remove a Password, Passphrase or Computrace from almost ANY real Thinkpad.
Notice the words real Thinkpad!!
Excluded are Consumer-laptops such as SL300, SL400, SL500, B480, B580, G480, G550, G570, G580, Ideapad, U330, etc.
Off-the-wall machines such as these have a different password-storage system, in which I am NOT interested.

However, there is another limit: as modern techniques develop, so does Password- and Computrace-storage.
Newer machines use much more complicated chips, such as the MEC1633L. As a result, my regular equipment
is no longer suited for the likes of T440/T540/W540/X240/X1 Carbon Gen2/Helix/Yoga/P40 Series and later/newer models.
Although I do have the gear for them, it is becoming increasingly finicky and time-consuming, so I stopped at T440 and newer, sorry.

PLEASE NOTE: there is absolutely NO SOLDERING involved, and no chips will need to be removed/replaced!
If your laptop is still under warranty, it will remain intact (unless I have to break seals to gain access to the insides).

If your BIOS is locked, but you can still LOOK at the settings, click on Security and then Password.
Check if Supervisor Password is Enabled (or Disabled).
Next see if there is a setting for Using Passphrase. If yes, is it set to Enabled or Disabled?
If both are Enabled you need a Passphrase removed.
If there is no Passphrase setting, or Using Passphrase is set to Disabled,
then you 'only' need a Password removed.

Please note that all machines with UEFI-BIOS have a Passphrase without such an option being shown!!!

If you only can see one of the LOCK-icons above, you'll have to trust my fair judgement, once your machine arrives.

The location of the chip in which the Password/Passphrase/Computrace is stored, varies by Thinkpad type.
Several models have this chip on the motherboard's bottom, and require complete disassembly to access that chip.

You have the option to send in a stripped motherboard with the following parts:
    CPU, fan, 1 RAM module, keyboard, DC-in connector/cable
or send in your whole laptop, but without charger/hard drive/CD-DVD-drive/battery (if removable).

To avoid abuse of this service, it will be limited to established members of the Thinkpad Forum!
Newcomers need not apply!

Prices valid as of June 1, 2021
   Password / Passphrase / Computrace Removal
   Prices, Shipping and Payment

Turnaround time is ca. 3 business days.

If you send in only Motherboard
plus Parts as discussed
Prices in
US Dollar
Prices in
Password removal
Passphrase/Computrace removal
  Additional Shipping Cost US Dollar Euro
  Ireland and Northern Ireland 15.00 12.00
  UK 22.00 18.00
  Europe 25.00 20.00
  Rest of the World 30.00 25.00

If you send in your Laptop
without (removable) battery/charger/HD/SSD/CD
Prices in
US Dollar
Prices in
Password removal
Passphrase/Computrace removal
  Additional Shipping Cost US Dollar Euro
  Ireland and Northern Ireland 19.00 15.00
  UK 37.00 30.00
  Europe 80.00 65.00
  Rest of the World 80.00 65.00