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   Parts for: T23
Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 08K7308 / 08K7377 Lid cover only with ex-factory WiFi "windows" (but no antennas, hinges or bezel), sliders OK, small crack on webcam-part (fixed), some scratches (none deep), commensurate with age
208K6087regular, non-wifi L/R hinges set
127L0640XGA LCD-cable for T22/T23
204P3588 / 04P3589Fan for T20
108K3295 / 08K6396Fan for T20
104P3295 / 04P3448Fan for T21
104P3295 / 04P3448Fan for T21
308K7366 / 26P9166Fan for T23
410L1402Inverter XGA for T23
226P8181Ethernet card for t23
408K6663Keyboard insulator for T20
208K7401Keyboard insulator for T23
212P4227 Item (c)ESD fan cover for T21
1108K6089Speaker Assembly for all T2x
1026P9543Hard Disk Cover for T23
??n/a 10 x CMOS battery holder for all T2x
1 x I/O board for T23 (2 USB-ports)
9 x Modem door for T20/T21/T22
7 x RAM door for T23
6 x Modem card for all T2x
2 x LAN/Modem card for all T2x
1 x WiFi/Modem card IBM High Rate
various lid L/R sliders
Various metal clamps
  $40.00    O.B.O. for the whole lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

   Parts for: T30
Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 46L4777 Keyboard bezel assembly without touch pad
1 46L4781 Keyboard bezel assembly with touch pad (small crack in left palmrest bottom corner, repaired)
1 46P3041 Louver assembly 2, with mounting bracket (d)
1 46L4774 Cover, DIMM slot
1 91P7213 I/O card assembly
6 46L4795 Cover, hard-disk drive (incl. cover-screws)
3 46L4749 PC card slot (PCMCIA cage)
1   Battery slider incl. spring
  $40.00    O.B.O. for the above lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 11P8292/11P8293
(Hitachi) XGA LCD for T30, fully working.
No dead pixels, pressure spots or scratches
  $30.00    O.B.O. for the LCD, incl. shipping (USA only)

   Parts for: X41 Tablet
Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 Lid parts All assembled together:
- LCD rear cover
- 2 wifi antenna wires
- Bluetooth + wire
- LCD bezel (with FingerPrintReader)
- 7 black screws to mount the LCD-bezel
- swivel hinge assembly (with cap)
- LCD cable
- digitizer cable
- inverter
- clearplate
- (no center latch, no LCD, no digitizer)
  $20.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

   Mini PCI WiFi Type III B cards
   such as used in A2x/A3x/T2x/T3x/T4x/R4x/R5x/X2x/X3x/X4x, looking like
Qty. FRU P/N Description
7 802.11b
WiFi cards
1x 08K3310 / 08K3309 (Lucent)
1x 26P8436 (Cisco Aironet)
3x 91P7406 (Cisco Aironet)
2x 91P7267 (Intel 2100)
9 802.11bg
WiFi cards
2x 27K9936 (Intel 2915)
1x 39T0384 (Ambit)
1x 91P7301 (Philips)
1x Gigabyte GN-WI01GS
2x Broadcom BCM94306MP
1x Cisco AIR-MP21G-A-KS/AP1100
1x Sparklan / Atheros WMIA-166AG
  $20.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

   PCI-e WiFi cards
   such as used in T6x/R6x/X6x/T400/T500/etc., looking like
Qty. FRU P/N Description
27 802.11abg
WiFi cards
12x 42T0852 / 42T0853 (Intel 3945)
15x 41W1026 / 41W1027 (Intel 3945)
  $30.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

   Desktop Graphic Cards
Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 Bunch of
Graphic Cards
These cards were all removed from working Desktops:
- Gainward GForce3 GF3 TI200, GLB 25899, AGP ($20.00)
- Chaintech GForce4 MX440-8X, incl. TV-out/S-Video cable, AGP ($17.09)
- GForce FX5200, AGP ($22.00)
- Matrox G55+MDHA32DR, AGP ($21.00)
- Matrox Millennium 650, Parhelia, MGI P65-MDDA8X64, (no heatsink), PCI ($40.00)
... Heatsink was removed and cut in half. One half is still there, other half disappeared.
- ATI Radeon Model B276, PCI-Express ($6.00)
- HP Radeon HD5570 Jaguar 10-M01, PCI-Express ($72.78)
- Sparkle SXG2101024D2-NM, PCI-Express, nVidia GForce 210, 1GB, HDMI ($50.00)

Every card is still working (Matrox 650 after fixing the heatsink).

The prices between parentheses after each card are current eBay values, totaling $248.87 without shipping!
  $40.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

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